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Welcome to my online portfolio

Get to know more about me and my development skills

About Me

For several years I wanted to work in the IT sector, particularly programming. I studied ICT after finishing school and then went on to study Computer Games Technology while at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). I graduated in 2019 with a BSc. The course involved designing video games using well-known engines such as Unity and Unreal as well as learning C++ and website design.

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Website Design

From a young age, I have been interested in web design. It all began when I had a desire to understand how websites functioned and how they could be turned into beautiful, digital spaces. I found myself learning the basics of HTML and CSS while at school. After school I studied some website design using applications such as Adobe DreamWeaver.

While studying at university I learned more about website design in my first year. I began to learn how JavaScript could be used for functions within a website and how it could make elements more dynamic. I also learned the basics of PHP.

Further Development

After grasping the fundamentals of PHP, I looked more into its capabilities and found several uses for the language. PHP's ability to seamlessly integrate with databases like MySQL enabled me to build dynamic and data-driven websites, revolutionising the way I approached web design and development. I was able to combine this with my knowledge of front-end development to create several projects to show off my skills.

My main project was an online forum. The site has many features you'd expect to have in a modern online forum.

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